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Warhammer 40.000 Core Rule Book

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The Rules
The first section of the core rules covers the basic rules of the game, and takes you through the rules that apply to the seven phases of the game: the Command phase, Movement phase, Psychic phase, Shooting phase, Charge phase, Combat phase and Morale phase.

Rules Appendix
A handy reference section that includes the following:

- Designer's Commentary from rules designer Robin Cruddace
- An alphabetised list of 174 existing weapons that gain the benefit of the Blast special rule
- An alphabetised list of 22 existing miniatures/datasheets that gain the Aircraft keyword
- A summary synopsis of 14 rarer rules/interactions that don't often arise in games, but are important to keep a note of
- A Rules Terms Glossary, which provides precise and exacting definitions of 142 separate rules terms to aid in resolving more complex rules interactions