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Magic The Gathering - Streets of New Capenna Commander Deck

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SKU WTCC95160001
On the Streets of New Capenna, you'll meet each of the five ruthless families vying to control the city: the Obscura, the Maestros, the Riveteers, the Cabaretti, and the Brokers. Players will align with one of these five factions and fight for the victory of their chosen family.

One of Magic's most popular formats is also a great way to introduce new players to the game. These preconstructed 100-card decks are ideal for new players to learn and enjoy the game. Commander decks are the perfect gift for players who are just starting out in Magic: The Gathering. These decks will help players to familiarise themselves with basic strategy, settings, characters, and the mechanics of the game.

• Multiple deck variants available, choose from Bedecked Brokers, Cabaretti Cacophany, Maestros Massacare, Obscura Operation or Riveteers Rampage.
• Each deck will contain a sample sized Collector Booster pack, showing a preview of the treatments this set has to offer.
• Pre-constructed 100-card deck, ideal for new players.

• 1 x 2 Card Collector Booster Sample Pack
• 1 x Commander Display Card
• 1 x 100 Card Deck
• 10 x Token Cards
• 1 x Life Tracker